Duradek Canadian Approvals

Vinyl (PVC) Membrane Testing, Evaluations and Reports as a Walkable Roof Deck Membrane in Canada


Duradek Ultra

(60 mil. thickness with woven polyester backing)


CAN/CGSB 37.54-95 Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing and Waterproofing Membrane

QAI Test Report: RJ0449P-1R1

Note: Duradek Mini News Bulletin “FYI on Canadian Building Codes” is in response to CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) withdrawing all of their roofing standards to allow one government funded group, CSA (Canadian Standards Association), to be responsible for administration of roofing standards.The important thing to note from this information is that all necessary government approvals for Duradek products are in place allowing specifiers and architects to confidently choose Duradek for their projects.

Traffic Coating | Walkable Roofing Membrane Over Habitable or Rated Space

CCMC Evaluation Report 13134-R


chemicals symbolASTM D2299-68

Chemical Resistance of Walking Decks – AC-39

QAI Evaluation Report: RJ2822P-2

Fire SymbolCAN/ULC S107-03

Fire Test of Roof Covering Test Method – Class A

QAI Evaluation Report: T731-2


Wind SymbolANSI/FM 4474

Wind Uplift Test

QAI Test Report: RJ0913P-1R2


Wind SymbolANSI/SPRI ES-1

Pulloff Test for Edge Flashing

Farabaugh Test Report: T128-11


Duradek Ultra Okanagan

(60 mil. thickness with non-woven polyester backing)



QAI Confirmation of Conformance

QAI Confirmation Letter

Based on results of:
– QAI Evaluation Report: T731-1
– QAI Evaluation Report: T731-3


3rd Party Evaluations


QAI Listing No.: B1023-1 (Duradek Canada)

PVC Roofing and Walking Deck Membrane – Listing No. B1023-1

To view online, visit the QAI Directory of Listed Products and search for ‘Duradek‘.


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